POPS Site Launch

Last week we launched a new site that maps Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) in NYC.  The unveiling took place at the Municipal Arts Society Summit.  A POPS is a plaza, arcade, or other outdoor or indoor space for public use provided by a private owner in return for a zoning concession.  Zuccotti Park is the POPS that everyone knows about, but there are 500 or so other POPS in NYC.

The goal of the site is to publicize this little-known public resource for NYC residents and visitors and to serve as a resource for urban-planning enthusiasts.  People can find out information about the various POPS, can rate, comment, post photos, post announcements about a POPS and can also voice complaints when a particular POPS isn’t meeting regulations.

We built the site using WordPress.  The theme is fully responsive so works well in all devices.  We have plans for further improvements and ideas as to how to hook this site into Google Maps to make it the canonical resource on NYC POPS.  So check it out and let us know your comments.

Jerold Kayden and Alexis Taylor of APOPS presenting the site

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