Street View Comments v. 0.2 released!

Today I release v. 0.2 of the Street View Comments plugin.  This release fixes a few bugs and also allows for running multiple concurrent Street View Comments tools on one WordPress site.  All you need to do is tag the intersections and then specify that tag in the short code.

The DOT is currently using the tool to get feedback on 4th Ave in Brooklyn.  They are now able to run additional instance of the tool on the other sections of 4th Ave.

4 Responses to “Street View Comments v. 0.2 released!”

  1. Genevieve Says:

    This street view plugin is soooo good! I run a local community site in Australia and I can’t wait to use it. I’ve downloaded it and am first seeing if I can get the demo to work on a test page. I realize my page width is too narrow but I’m wondering if there’s something to do with my wordpress installation or theme that is stopping it from appearing here

  2. Chris Abraham Says:

    @Genevieve: You are running jQuery 1.3.2 on that page. You need to run at least jQuery 1.7. Try upgrading jQuery. Maybe just try removing this line from your template:

    You seem to have jQuery 1.7.2 trying to load above it.

  3. Genevieve Says:

    Thanks so much for your help. Since then I’ve changed theme and updgraded wordpress, hopefully that fixed the jquery issue (I don’t know much about jQuery sorry). I’ll give it another go as I love the possibilities with this plugin.

  4. Swiss Says:

    Hi Chris

    I am using your “Street View Comments” plugin. I found that its working only for US location.

    I tried to add location for thiland and its not working for that location.

    below is the details of location

    Address: Bangla Road, Phuket Thailand

    Lat: 7° 53′ 36.6777

    Lon: 98° 17′ 49.0281

    site url:

    Looking forward for your help