GothamSchools jobs board and EdNews Colorado UNITE!

GothamSchools is partnering with EdNews Colorado to create an education jobs network based on the success of the GothamSchools Jobs Board.  I’ve been thinking a bit about just how to do this that will be a win for both communities and will lay the pattern for rolling out future versions of the jobs board to other cities.


It’s conceivable that someone looking for a job on the EdNews Colorado board may be interested in a posting in NYC and vice versa, so we wanted to integrate both of these boards in a way that added value to each of them.  The trick to do this is to list the jobs in a way that is most relevant to the particular board.

Here is what I think it should look like for the GothamSchools Jobs board.  The EdNews Colorado version would be the same, except centered around Colorado:

As a future idea, once we have more cities represented, we could expand the design to have a map showing the locations of all the available jobs.


Both jobs boards will be hosted on one server and hitting the same database.  I’m hoping we can get the to hit an appropriately themed copy of our WordPress code.


Both jobs boards will need to use the same base price for listing a job.  To feature a job, we can charge different amounts.  The GothamSchools jobs board has recently upped its prices due to the increasing numbers of jobs posted.  The Featured Jobs premium listings become more valuable to people the more jobs get posted on the board as regular job listings get lost faster.  So we would want to price the Colorado jobs premium listings at a rate that the market could bear.  This would initially be lower than on the GothamSchools board.  We could also offer a discounted rate to allow people to feature a listing on both boards.


We’d like to deploy the new EdNews Colorado board in a similar way to what we did for the GothamSchools jobs board.  For that, we offered the first 40 listings free.  This was useful to get an initial burst of activity on the board.  Even though the EdNews Colorado board would begin already populated with NYC job listings, the same principle would apply.


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