Google Analytics and SEO

Google Analytics has recently launched a new Search Engine Optimization reporting module that I’ve just rigged up this morning for all of our sites.  It integrates with data from Google Webmaster Tools to produce reports on the performance of the site on Google search.

As an example, let’s take a look at the Streetfilms‘ report.  First, we should note that Streetfilms gets about 30% of its traffic from Google search.  The Search Engine Optimization reports are nested under Traffic Sources in Google Analytics.  For Streetfilms over the last month we get this information:

So most of our clicks come from “streetfilms” and “street films,” as we would expect.  It’s interesting to see “mazda lorax” and “lorax mazda” sneak in there.  They result from of an anti-campaign that we are running here.  What’s really interesting is that you can animate the performance of the keywords over time.  Here is how “mazda lorax” and “lorax mazda” behaved over the last month:

You can see that on 2/25 we got 400 impressions and 70 clicks on the “mazda lorax” search in Google.  That spike came 3 days after this post was published.

Apart from analyzing old data, we can identify keywords that we want to increase our traffic from.  For example, Streetfilms ranks 14th, on average, for the keyword “livable streets” and got less than 10 clicks over the last month.  It is odd that this rank is so poor since the content of Streetfilms lines up quite well with the meaning of “livable streets”.

What can we do to increase our search engine rank?  Google ranks sites based on their content and on the clout of their incoming links, so improving both of those will make the site rank higher for the relevant keywords.  In the meantime, play around with these new Google reports to get a better appreciation for the traffic that comes to us through Google search.

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