Inspired by Bike Share

The Bike Share site we launched on Wednesday has been a huge success in being a showcase for the enthusiasm for the upcoming Bike Share program in NYC.  Already we’re up to 4505 bike share locations suggested.  This has been helped along by people sharing their bike share suggestions on twitter and facebook.  It also benefitted from blog posts and tweets from some particularly influential people.

It has also inspired several derivative works.  This is what makes the Internet fun!

Here’s a tumblog showing humorous and noteworthy bike share suggestions.  Feel free to post one on the site:

Smart programmers figured out that they could easily request a json formatted dump of our data to use for their own visualizations.  Here someone imported it into a Google Fusion table.

Here’s a really nice remapping of the data with points scaled in size relative to how many votes they received:

And this is just the beginning!

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    heat map:

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    the full analysis: