NYC Bike Share Launch

It’s a big day for NYC Bike Share as the Department of Transportation has announced today the details of the program which will launch next summer. As part of that push, Frank, Andy and I worked on a promotional site for the DOT. Here it is:

Go and check it out.  Suggest a location of a bike share station or vote for already suggested stations.

At this point, we’re not sure how this data will be used by the DOT.  Perhaps it will just be a way of harnessing enthusiasm for the project, which does have its critics.  Right now we have already amassed 738 suggested locations in just three hours.  It’s good to see that, judging by the comments, people are putting some thought into where they suggest locations.  Some are also quite funny.

We built this site in WordPress using the Google Maps API and Janrain Engage for social login functionality.

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