Our Facebook and Twitter Usage

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed our social media integration on our blogs.  Since then I’ve started to implement improved share buttons across the Streetsblogs and GothamSchools and also new Follow widgets such as the one below:

These changes should help people share our content and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

In this post I’ve done a review of how our various sites use Facebook and Twitter to disseminate content and promote their brand.  By reviewing this we can learn from each other and work towards a set of best practices.


Streetsblog page:
- blog posts are posted to wall automatically via RSS
- had been inactive for over a year but I reactivated it yesterday

StreetsblogLA page:
- blog posts are chosen and posted manually, one post/day so as not to overwhelm followers
- sometimes links as posted that are not from StreetsblogLA
- anyone is allowed to post on the wall

StreetsblogSF page:
- blog posts are chosen and posted manually along with other links

no page

no page

Streetfilms group:
1831 members
- all films and other links are posted manually to the group wall
- anyone group member can post to the wall

GothamSchools page:
- blog posts are posted to wall automatically via RSS
- we don’t have control over this page but I think we can get control
- anyone is allowed to post on the wall

Observations and Questions

  • we have different styles of logos on the pages; should we standardize these across the Streetsblogs?
  • can we turn the Streetfilms group into a page so that we can allow people to signup more easily using a “like” button?
  • is it better to post manually and curate the content or have an automatic RSS dump onto the wall of the page?
  • what can we learn from the stats on the pages showing number of impressions for each of the wall posts?
  • do we want to allow users to post things on the pages; what are the best security settings?
  • should StreetsblogDC and StreetsblogNet have their own pages?  Should they post their content on the Streetsblog page?


Our Twitter usage is more consistent than our Facebook presence.  All sites have an account and are tweeting regularly.  One inconsistency is the icon and design of the sites which could be improved and made more consistent across the Streetsblogs to promote the national brand.

StreetsblogNYC 3173 followers
StreetsblogDC 995 followers
StreetsblogSF 39333 followers
LAStreetsblog 2202 followers
StreetsblogNet 9054 followers
GothamSchools 3790 followers
Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?  Please post in the comments below.

7 Responses to “Our Facebook and Twitter Usage”

  1. vanessa Says:

    Thanks for the stats. One suggestion: why not set things up so that all tweets for the indiv blogs are automatically retweeted on FB? Or is it more valuable to post the articles? I feel like the tweeting happens more often than article publishing, so it would create more of a steady stream.

  2. Chris Abraham Says:

    @vanessa: looks like this could come in handy to do what you suggest:

  3. Chris Abraham Says:

    @vanessa: https://apps.facebook.com/twitter/ will also do the trick

  4. Bryan Goebel Says:

    I don’t agree with integrating Facebook and Twitter. I think Facebook should have a more personal approach, and that text should be geared specifically for Facebook. You can say more on Facebook, than you can on Twitter. It’s more work, but I think it speaks more directly to Facebook users.

    I also don’t like the new standard image that appears in Facebook posts. I would like to be able to have an option for posting the image that goes with the story there.

    In other words, I like that way things have been working on Facebook up to now, and am not fond of the recent changes, though I appreciate that you’re trying to make our social media outlets more efficient.

  5. Chris Abraham Says:

    @Bryan thanks for your insights—useful as you seem to be a more active FB user.

    The reason I standardized the thumbnail that appears on shared posts is because with the new “Like” buttons on the site, users don’t get a choice of thumnail and facebook was picking images randomly, like using the OpenPlans logo or Copyright logo for a thumbnail about a biking story. By fixing it to the SB logo, it seems that I have also locked that choice down for people like you who are sharing via wall posts. I’m not sure of a way right now to give you a choice while locking it down for “Likes”. I’ll keep working at it.

  6. Chris Abraham Says:

    @Bryan I think this might do the trick:

    It still won’t give users a choice of thumbnail when they share on fb but it at least will give the author of the post the choice. What do you think?

  7. Bryan Goebel Says:

    Thanks, Chris! I think the thumbnail photo is important for drawing readers, who are usually driven to look if they think the photos are interesting.