How People Consume our Content

How do people consume the content we create on our blogs?  That is the question I’d like to examine in this post.

In the charts below, I compare the various ways that people consume our content for each of our blogs during the past month. People can come directly to our sites on their desktop browsers.  They can come on their mobile devices, by hitting our mobile themes.  They can subscribe to our RSS feeds using Google Reader or a similar RSS reader.  And they can also subscribe to our email feeds which delivers a daily digest email to their inboxes.

Omitted here is the number of people who view Streetfilms content through embedded versions of their videos on other sites.

What’s not reflected here is the quality of each audience. For example, it’s quite possible that the people who have subscribed to our email digest are some of our most loyal followers who don’t want to miss any piece of content, while some of those who hit our website on their desktop browser are likely to be casual readers.

This data is important when we at OpenPlans decide which format of content to improve to give everyone the best possible collective experience. It also informs how we should promote the various content options on our sites.

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