The Growth of Mobile

Earlier this year I acknowledged the growing trend of mobile browsers and soon after rolled out an improved mobile theme to GothamSchools.  This week I deployed the same mobile platform to and the other city Streetsblogs.  See the new theme below:

As with GothamSchools, this new theme has many advanced features such as reformatting images on the fly to fit a particular display and integrated Share buttons.

Using Google Analytics, we can look back at the past year and see how our mobile traffic has grown on our blogs:

GothamSchools mobile traffic

Streetsblog mobile traffic

We should expect this growth to continue.  Traffic stats during the past month is summarized in this table:

blog % of total traffic from mobile most popular mobile OS 2nd most popular OS 11.6% iPhone iPad 6.7% iPhone Android 8.6% iPhone Android 7.4% iPhone Android 8.7% iPhone Android (no mobile theme) 8.4% iPhone Android (no mobile theme) 6.6% iPhone iPad

GothamSchools has a significantly larger portion of their traffic coming form mobile devices than the Livable Streets blogs.  This is, perhaps, indicative of the lifestyles of the readers on GothamSchools relative to those on the Streetsblogs.  We can check back on these stats in six months or so to see how things have shifted.

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