WordPress Performance Testing, part 2

Evan and I followed up our last round of performance testing with another set of tests to see how apache compares with lighttpd on a more powerful server.  The previous round of performance tests were done on a server with only 4GB RAM and we found that apache filled up all the RAM when hit with 100 or more concurrent connections.  We were curious to see if when we increased the RAM, apache would perform better.

We ran these tests on a 20gb RAM, 40gb hd, ubuntu 10.4 server, shared 16 xeon 2.4GHz machine.  We did find apache coping much better with 100 concurrent connections.  When we scaled up the load to 500 concurrent connections, however, apache ran into problems and crashed while lighttpd really started to fly.  Even 1000 concurrent connections didn’t post any problems for lighttpd.  Here are the test results.


It is okay to use apache if you are expecting small server loads, but if you expect that you might get dug or have other sources of high traffic spikes, you’d be best spending the time to configure a high-performance web server like lighttpd or nginx.

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