Block Party NYC Site Launched

Who knew there are over 3000 block parties in New York City each summer?  Well, we’ve just launched to be the go-to site for everything block party.  Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock and myself have been working on this site over the last few months in partnership with Transportation Alternatives.  It contains information to assist you in throwing a block party, and allows you to promote your block party on our interactive map.  You can also sign up for weekly notifications of block parties in your neighborhood.block-party-nyc

The tricky part now is to draw enough interest to get the bulk of the 3000 block parties registered on the site without which our weekly notifications would be less useful.  Transportation Alternatives is in contact with the Upper West Side Community Board to encourage them to register each block party they approve.  We hope to also work out similar partnerships with other Community Boards.  As a return service, we have developed a widget for inclusion on Community Board sites that lists their upcoming parties.

Behind the scenes is a PostGIS database we use for its spatial queries.  The site is built in pylons and WordPress, and the mapping is done using OpenLayers.  The site was built to facilitate re-skinning for other purposes.  If you are interested in using or developing with the open source software we wrote, the Block Party project page has the details.

So check it out!  Find out when parties are coming up in your neighborhood.  If you know anyone throwing a party, get them to register it on the site, and, don’t be shy, go and throw a party yourself!

2 Responses to “Block Party NYC Site Launched”

  1. Quincy K. Says:

    How did it cost to start up this blog…I want to start my own.

  2. Chris Abraham Says:

    @Quincy: You can get a free blog here: